LibreOffice docs in your Briefcase! Writer, Calc, and Impress all in your web browser and your documents stored in the Cloud!


Writer works like any documentation software. Craft text with all the editing functionality you expect!


Calc functions like any spreadsheet app. All of the features from your other spreadsheet apps are here for you!


Impress will be your new favourite presentation tool! Use it to create polished presentations and deliver those presentations from right in the Glide Web Client!

LibreOffice features in your Briefcase!

Create, upload and export in Glide – in any format you need — without a Microsoft Office license. AND share any file to collaborate real-time with your work teams!

Extend Your Productivity

Docs, combined with Talk and Drive, extends your productivity capabilities and makes real-time discussion and collaboration simple and affordable … while giving you the peace of mind of true data sovereignty.

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